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Monday, January 2, 2012

Harris Teeter Super Double event 1/4-1/10 1st set of match ups

OMG! Harris Teeter has a Super Double event coming up on 1/4-1/10! They will be doubling coupons up to $1.98. When I know of these events ahead of time I start preparing. I look through all of my coupons targeting my $1-$1.98 coupons. I pull them and put them in an envelope until I get the coupon match ups, then I filter out which coupons will be the most beneficial. Harris Teeter has a very strict coupon policy. 

 Click here to see Harris Teeter Coupon Policy. Highlights from the policy
1. You can only use 20 coupons per Household per day
2. You can use 3 like coupons in one transaction
3. You can use 2 like printed coupons per transaction
Check out my 1st set of match ups below

$1/1 Energizer Batteries, Flashlight, USB Wall or Car Charger, exp. 2/15/12 (SS 01/01/12)
$1.50/2 Purina Friskies or Whisker Lickin's, exp. 3/4/12 (SS 12/04/11)
$1/1 Herbal Essences or Aussie Product, exp. 1/31/12 (P&G 01/01/12)
$1.50/1 Smart Balance Milk, exp. 1/4/12 (SS 11/20/11 R) I didn't get
Final: $0.99 each
$1/1 Johnsonville Chicken Sausage, exp. 4/1/12 (SS 01/01/12 #2)
Final: $2.99 each
$1/2 Egg Beaters, exp. 02/05/12 (SS 01/01/12)
Final: 2/$4.50
$1.10/2 Bob Evans Refrigerated Side Dishes printable
$0.50/1 Bob Evans Refrigerated Side Dish printable
$0.35/1 Bob Evans Refrigerated Side Dish, exp. 2/15/12 (SS 11/13/11 R)
Final: $2.99 each
$1/2 Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers, exp. 02/05/12 (SS 01/01/12)
Final: 2/$5.50
$1/1 Udi's printable (new fans)
Final: $4.19 each

(look for cheaper products in-store)
$1/3 Healthy choice Soup, exp. 02/05/12 (SS 01/01/12)
Final: 3/$6.97
$1/4 Hunts Snack Pack, exp. 02/05/12 (SS 01/01/12)
Final: 4/$3.96
$1/5 Chef Boyadress, exp. 02/05/12 (SS 01/01/01/12)
Final: 5/$4.75
$1/1 Dreamfields Pasta printable (register)
Final: $0.99 each
$1/1 Bear Creek Soup Mix, exp. 4/23/12 (SS 10/23/11 R)
Final: $2.69 each
Personal Care
$1.50/1 Genteal Product, exp. 2/29/12 (SS 10/16/11)
$1.50/1 GenTeal Product printable
Final: $7.99 each
$1.50/1 4-Way Nasal Product, exp. 1/31/12 (SS 10/16/11)
Final: $2.25 each
$1.50/1 Blink Tears Lubricating Eye Drops printable
$1/1 Blink Tears or GelTears Lubricating Eye Drops, exp. 1/9/12 (SS 12/11/11)
Final: $4.29 each
$1.50/1 Bayer Advanced Aspirin, exp. 3/31/12 (SS 01/01/12 #2)
$1.50/1 Bayer Advanced Aspirin printable
Final: $3.99 each
$1/1 Vicks Product, exp. 1/31/12 (P&G 01/01/12)
Final: $2.95 each
$1/1 Tampax Product, exp. 1/31/12 (P&G 01/01/12)
Final: $1.89 each
$1/1 CoverGirl Product, exp. 1/31/12 (P&G 01/01/12)
Final: $1.19 each
$1/1 Gillette Bodywash, exp. 1/31/12 (P&G 01/01/12)
Final: $2.69 each
$1/1 Gillette Deodorant, exp. 1/31/12 (P&G 01/01/12)
Final: $2.99 each
$1/1 Olay Bar, Body Wash or In-Shower Body Lotion, exp. 1/31/12 (P&G 01/01/12)
Final: $3.49 each
$1/1 Olay Facial Moisturizer or Facial Cleanser, exp. 1/31/12 (P&G 01/01/12)
Final: $3.99 each
$1/1 Gas-X printable
Final: $3.35 each
$1.50/1 Maalox printable
Final: $2.99 each
$1/1 PediaCare printable
Final: $4.49 each
$1/1 Delsym printable
Final: $7.99 each
$1/1 Robitussin printable
Final: $4.39 each
$1/1 Dimetapp printable
Final: $4.59 each
$1.50/1 Resolve Product printable (sign up)
Final: $0.59 each
$1/1 Finish Quantum, exp. 1/30/12 (SS 01/01/12)
$1/1 Finish Quantum Automatic Dishwasher Detergent printable
Final: $2.99 each
$1/2 Hefty One Zip printable
$1/2 Hefty One Zip Bags, exp. 2/29/12 (RP 11/13/11)
Final: 2/$3.98
Pet Care

Thanks to The coupon Challenge for providing this weeks match ups!

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