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Monday, September 15, 2014

Review of Treasury of Bible Stories by Kelly Pulley

I was given the opportunity to do a Review & Giveaway of a cute, rhythmical book called Treasury of Bible Stories by Kelly Pulley. My children & I had a great time with this book! I was so amazed at how much my children wanted to hear more about the wonderful works of God through these stories! They were captivated by the pictures and so in-tuned to the rhythmical tales in the story, we had a hard time putting it down. I loved how kid friendly this book is because we own other Children's bible story books and they have left my kids asking questions and not quite fully understanding the stories so I love how this book not only keep them interested and wanting to hear more but it is also truly an easy read. They totally understood each and every word and loved the little things such as naming the animals, no "munching Daniel for a lunch time snack", Peter "Ker-splishing, ker-splashing, Ker-splishing & Ker-splooshing" as he walked across the water just to name a few of the details in the book. This book truly made my kids feel like they were apart of the story! I am so honored to have had the opportunity to review this amazing book. Our children need God in their lives especially in the society we live in and it is hard to find kid friendly, fun easy reads that they are actually interested in. The book is definitely "Mom Approved". I pray it be as much as blessing to your family as it is to mine. God bless! 


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