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Friday, August 10, 2012

10 Easy ways to earn extra money from home

I am always looking for ways to make money! Don't know what it is about me but any honest way to generate additional income in the household I'm all for it.  Here are a few quick ways on how to be your own employer from home and have fun doing it!

1. Online Surveys
Online surveys are a easy way to make money from home right from your own computer! I have done in the past and I must say, it is an easy way to make money, especially the surveys where you just give your opinion on food, groceries, etc, but it does take a chunk of time. Here a few survey companies that I know are legit and will compensate you pretty decent...Inbox Dollars, Nielson Consumer Panel, Global Testing Market

2. Sell Products on Ebay
You can sell products on Ebay for yourself or for others.  Usually people who sell products for others on Ebay charge a percentage.

3. Sell Home Baked Products
Everyone loves a good dessert! If you are a good baker or cook, let it be known. Bake whatever your good at, take it with you to your next dinner party or get together and whenever someone tell you how much they love your dessert, offer to make it for them at a reasonable price.  If they like it enough they will buy it for their next gathering. 

4. Homemade Crafts
Are you good at making things. There is an online website called Etsy that allows you to display and sell your handmade goods. I have bought a few things from Etsy myself and have a friend that sells things on Etsy all the time. Your time is money!

5. Home Childcare
Everyone has children and is always looking daycare.  If you are good with kids, can provide a safe, loving environment then open up your home for childcare. Post flyer's in pediatrician offices, grocery stores, recreation centers, churches and don't forget to utilized social networking sites.

6. Tutoring
Are you knowledgeable in any subject? If so develop a rapport with your local school principles, PTA representatives and let them know you are available for tutoring. Charge a reasonable rate and your phone will be ringing off the hook from desperate parents needing assistance with their children.

7. Lessons
Can you sing, dance or play and instrument? Do you know how many talented people get paid to teach someone else a talent? Too many! Put your God given gift to use and get paid for it.

8. Sewing
Sewing is a great way to make extra money by making alterations, clothes, or accessories. If you can sew let it be known.

9. Dog Walker
Now this is not something I would be interested in doing, but if you are good with pets, people will actually pay you to walk their dog. It said that we live in such a lazy society, but you can use someone else laziness to your benefit!

10. Consultant
Their are tons of companies out their that will allow you to make a profit off of their products such as Scentsy, Pampered Chef, Home Interior, Avon, Beach Body, Body by Vi, Tupperware, Candle lite and Mary Kay to name a few. If you are a good sells person, it would be a great idea to invest in one of these companies.

Hope my list of quick extra money tips will help you!


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