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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sibling rivalry

Im probably not your typical parent when it comes to sibling rivalry and before I begin maybe I should explain. I am the youngest of 4. I have a sister that's 13 years older than me, a brother 12 years older & my sister that is closest in age to me is a whole whopping 10 years older! So it was kinda like I was the only child growing up in my house. All of my siblings were gone by the time I was 8! I had no one to fight with. I mean my sister that is 10 years older would pick fights from time to time, but she was just bitter about not being the baby anymore!  So needless to say I had no one to fight with so I don't know how it is to physically fight with a sibling so sometimes I find it pretty interesting. I mean I wouldn't let them hurt each but I typically let them work it out. What made me want to discuss this topic was the incident I walked in on today. I was in the kitchen cooking and I walked into this
My oldest & youngest were on the floor going at it! Did I break it up? NO! I politely said you guys need to cut it out and walked away. I heard them arguing for a few minutes, someone was crying but after about 3 minutes my house was completely quite.  I must admit, I did get a bit nervous and my heart started to beat a bit fast in hopes that I did the right thing by letting them work it out and not have killed eachother. So I returned to the family room to find this.....

They had made up all by themselves. I know sometimes, we do have to intervene, but most times if we let them work it out themselves they respect eachother a lot better in the end. Now I don't know if my parenting skills are right or wrong, but I do know that if I didn't let them work it out on their own sometimes I would probably lose my mind chasing after them. I have 3 girls 10, 8 & 5 and for the most part they get a long pretty well, but they do have their catty days which you see above, but after all is said and done. They love eachother more than anything. So I do think it is ok to let siblings work out their own differences at times.  What do you think?

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